Let's See How You Can Become HER

Here's your permission to NOT feel guilty about doing something for yourself.

You are spinning multiple plates every day but never your own. Your role in life is to look after everyone else so your own dreams have been put on the back burner.
It's your time and your turn to find clarity on what matters most in your life and to let go of what doesn't.
You are a smart woman and you are never too old to Become HER.

You just need to start by unbecoming the woman you are conditioned to be and take back control. It all starts with managing your mindset. What if you could trade your full time job for your own business? What if you could set boundaries at work so you were more present with your kids? What if you could go for that dream job because you believed in yourself? What if you could find the time to write that book that has always been inside you? What if.....?

What if you really could go right to the edge of you with someone guiding you all the way.
Let me walk with you in one of my many pairs of shoes so you don't have to do this alone


                                 PRIVATE 1:1 COACHING

As a Holistic Life Coach I am here to guide you on this wonderful journey you are about to start on. Working with me one to one personally you will not only feel empowered to move your life forward, to allow yourself to truly stand in your soul’s true purpose but you’ll learn through my signature method HER Way how to feel more positive, motivated and excited for your life.

I will hold the space for you and through conversation help you find clarity and purpose. I will structure the coaching experience in order to maintain focus and achieve results. Using strategies and tools I will help you change your thinking, develop confidence or increase your motivation or make the life changes that you want.
Using my unique methodology HER Way, we will brainstorm your desired dreams and create actionable plans for achievement. I will provide accountability and encouragement to help you stay on track towards those goals .
It is always a warm, open session with no judgement and the space for you to think your true thoughts and find your authentic self.
You will leave feeling energised and empowered and inspired to Become HER. 

I would be honoured to support you and hold your hand on your journey x Holis

Kind words from my lovely clients