Suzy Malhotra Coaching provides 1:1 and group coaching for creative organisations who want to build their employee’s confidence and resilience to face the challenges of everyday life both professionally and personally. To uncover their values, needs and true purpose so they can have a better work life balance and live a life more meaningful and fulfilled.

Through coaching we can look at overcoming imposter syndrome, building confidence, building self-awareness, establishing personal strengths, understanding leadership styles, developing self-belief and developing ways to manage well-being and build resilience.

As a coach I am passionate about physical and emotional wellness and bring not only a wealth of business knowledge but also an empathy and rapport that leaves a lasting impact on individuals.

Following more than 25 years running a creative agency in the exhibition industry I am passionate about helping individuals find their way to loving their work in alignment with their own passions and purpose as well as those of the organisation and with balance.

Partnering with individuals and teams I help improve resilience, self awareness, confidence and performance.  

I am also passionate about empower individuals to find more fulfilment in their lives to offer a holistic approach combining both professional and personal development.

It is always a safe and supportive coaching environment enabling clients to explore their goals and dreams to they can move forward with positivity.

Workshops & 1:1 Coaching

The WELLBEING & RESILIENCE AT WORK workshop is designed to take the audience on a journey of discovery with insights and strategies to help enhance their working life but also leave them with tangible tools and techniques they can apply to all areas of life. 

Following the workshop there is an opportunity for each individual to take their own RESILIENCE ASSESSMENT and have an in-depth 1:1 coaching session with Suzy to evaluate the report and figure out a roadmap to become happier and more resilient.

Suzy has a very positive and warm communication style, she is very assertive and personable; I quickly felt conformable enough to talk openly about anything. My original needs and more were met at the end of the sessions, I have now gained confidence in my abilities to move forward in my career as well as clarity, and a positive outlook, along with a solid set of tools.

If you would like to find out how Suzy can help your organisation and individuals please send a message to