"The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts" Marcus Aurelius

I am so happy you found me. I am sure we are going to connect and do great things together.

I thought I would tell you a little bit about me. In nearly everything I do, I bring a positive attitude because I know just how much of a difference a mindset can make. I am passionate about prevention as I believe stress and worry will manifest itself in either physical or emotional breakdown so I embody a wholistic approach to life: connecting mind, body, heart & soul.

I believe we have been gifted our one life so it is ours to cherish and love.

I realised this after I got my wake up call in 2016 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, just before my 50th birthday. At that time, I was already struggling to cope with my father’s terminal illness, a divorce, building a new life and house with my blended family, the dramas of teenagers and running a business. If anything was going to go wrong, it seemed to be happening to me and life just seemed to be out of control.


When I heard the diagnosis, I knew then it all had to stop. Everything next had to be about getting better both physically and emotionally, being there for my kids and taking back control of life. I knew my medical team would look after me, my partner, family and friends would love and support me but what was missing was a guide who would be able to help me find the emotional strength that I would need not just during but after the treatment had ended.

I was changed and I knew my life would never be the same again. I knew I wanted the freedom to be more. I was no longer going to settle for stressed, tired & busy but find the connection, meaning and depth that I had always be longing for.


I connected with an amazing coach who showed me how to re-align my values and purpose in life, to design a blueprint for my own life, how I wanted it to look and how to re-discover the woman I really wanted to be for me and my children. To live in the moment and Become HER.

So this is why I am here to tell my story. I am managing all that life has to throw at me but from a place of self-love and self-compassion. Free from guilt, shame and resentment. Every day I am reminded in some way of how far I have come, and it is my inner strength and purpose that drives me forward. I have learnt that in the process of repairing things that have broken, we actually create something that is even more unique, resilient and free.

I broke free from what was expected of me and I took the steps to give me and my children the life we were meant to have. I did this through my own journey HER Way. By letting go of my past and not letting it define me, embracing the life I have with a new mindset I was able to redesign my life on my terms.

Now my mission is to help as many women as possible to find the courage to know, trust, love and accept themselves and to stop pleasing others. To live by their own intentions and realise their dreams by Becoming HER, a woman liberated emotionally, physically and spiritually. To live a life where all the roles she plays as a woman are  balanced and she has the clarity, energy and time to become whole. Where she is a  mum and still a wife, where she is  working, but still present as a mum, where she is looking after her elderly parents, but still feels valued and worthy, where she is a leader at work but is still fulfilled and feels whole. There are so many scenarios of life and roles that we play where I can guide you to find confidence, clarity and calm.

I hope I can inspire you to take your first steps to Become HER, so you no longer feel trapped, confined or unfulfilled.

Because: Life is for Living. Life is for Loving. Life is for Being

HER Way is the pathway you can take to create your life blueprint based on your non-negotiables, your purpose and your desires. It starts with you giving yourself permission to live your life by your design. It ends with you having full clarity on what you truly believe in and how to achieve a life that is balanced and in alignment with the true essence of you.
The 5 steps in the programme are:
Know HER: Discover the essence of who you really are
Love HER: Learn how to accept and love who you are
Talk to HER: Navigate each day with a positive outlook
Calm HER: Design your life blueprint on your terms
Become HER: Learn how to embody and live as the woman you were born to be
The topics covered will help you take control of a life of chaos and distraction, of no direction, of feeling trapped and fading away to one that is balance and empowered. You will have all the tools in your toolkit to cope with the challenges of life so that when the storms come you may waver but you will not fall down. Where you are travelling in a direction that is grounded, confident, connected and calm.