Get clarity on what matters to you most by letting go of what doesn't.

So that you can Become HER, a woman who doesn't just exist but is unshakeable in her confidence and says YES to a life created by her own design.

I am here to help you step into a healthy, happy and balanced life designed by you. By embarking on this journey to discover your true essence you will learn how to live a life of meaning and connection on your terms, by your design.


I’m Suzy, a Holistic Life Coach for smart, ambitious women who are seeking clarity on how to life a life more fulfilled.  Women who are ready to stop settling and let go of what has been holding them back so that they can find a more soulful way of living.

Through working with many inspiring women I have developed my own signature methodology HER Way which is a simple  pathway to help you explore the true essence of you, study your guiding values and beliefs so that you make decisions and plans from a place of honesty and authenticity.  By letting go of what no longer serves you you can find a new way to be that is balanced and empowered both at home and at work.

I believe that every woman has the right to Become HER, the woman she was born to be. To live a balanced life created by her own design void of shoulds and expectations.

My Become HER series of programmes are designed to find your jewels that have been hidden away after many years of people pleasing, looking after others first and working tirelessly to run businesses and homes. Some much so that your own identity has started to fade away.

You will love the step-by-step, interactive nature of the programmes, allowing you to be curious and connect with the authentic you without compromising your roles.

Do you feel that life is just passing you by? Do you have feelings of longing and searching? Is there a voice in your head saying is this it? Was it always meant to be like this?

If you said yes don't worry, you are not alone.

This is how life takes hold of us all, on the treadmill of life, working, being mum, CEO of the family home or perhaps you have been working for so long it has become your identity and now you look back and are thinking who am I?

Do you wonder sometimes is this it? Are you feeling overwhelmed, drowning with all your have to do? Do you feel trapped by all your commitments?

If some of these questions have resonated with you the chances are you are not living in alignment with who you truly are and who you are truly meant to be. Hence the chaos, the distractions, the long working hours, the exhaustion, the snacking, snapping at everyone, the up and down moods and the general feeling that life is just not exciting any more.

That's where I come in.
As a Holistic Life Coach I will help you navigate the challenges of everyday life through a different lens so that you can Become HER, the woman you were meant to be.
A woman who gives herself permission to shed her pre-conceptions of what is expected of her so that she can Become HER a woman who lives in alignment with all she stands for and all she believes in.
A woman who is taken on a journey of transformation to find balance and control.

"Before the sessions started I felt alone, out of control and quite powerless to change my life.
I could not see the wood for the trees.
I can't thank Suzy enough for guiding me through and holding my hand at every step. She has taught me how to take back control of my life, how to fall back in love with my life and take the steps to live a life that is more whole, connected and on my terms. She has shown me how important it is to communicate and how to express my true thoughts and feelings.
Suzy, I cannot thank you enough for not just saving me but also my family."



This is an invitation to take the journey that has changed my life. I will walk this path with you and take you on a journey where you will learn how to unbecome the woman you are conditioned to be and together we will create a roadmap that will serve as your guide for life, designed by you


My signature programmes are designed for women who want to learn how to be kinder to themselves and who want to find their authentic selves to they can design their life on their terms. They are easy to engage with strategies and tools that will stay with you forever. You will feel empowered, connected & calm.


This is my free online Facebook Community where you can get free coaching resources, tips, inspiration to help you turn your down day into a Dandelion Day.
Where you can find a tribe of like-minded women who are also leaving behind the chaos for clarity and simplicity.

"The Become HER programme with Suzy was life changing. It was real, honest, educational, challenging, fun, humbling, inspiring, supportive, exciting, empowering - in fact I can't find enough words to describe it. It was the ONE space where I was always safe to say what I want, be my true self and not have to pretend all was fine. The stories that were shared by the other women still inspire me today as I implement life changes and the tools this has added to my toolkit are invaluable. Suzy is warm, empathic and is real. She is comfortable sharing her own real life stories and experiences to help guide you on your own journey. Her real life experience of her marriage breakdown and parenting teenagers will stay with me forever. I also found the group calls inspirational and invaluable, holding me accountable in a nurturing, positive way. Suzy is now at the end of the yellow brick road and I truly believe with her help I will be there too one day. "